Bazooka Ball Equipment


Each player is issued with their team identification, mesh glasses, paintball marker with the Bazooka Ball barrel and 10 Bazooka Balls. After a safety briefing, each team moves to their end of the game zone. Barricades can be the specially designed bunkers from Sup-Air™, or standard obstacles used in paintball or laser tag.


On the whistle, each team will enter the combat zone to try and shoot the opponents target out. If a player is hit by a bazooka ball they are eliminated from the game and they make there way to the side of the zone and re-enter the game from the back of the playing area.

The game is won when the target centre is shot out or all players have been eliminated and are unable to get back into the combat zone.


Bazooka Ball Barrel

Use with out new bazooka ball Black Hawk Marker. Our patented barrel attachment also fits all standard Tippmann 98 Paintball Markers. Adaptors available for other Paintball Markers including JT, Spyder, BT, Tippmann FT-12, Auto Cocker markers.







Bazooka Balls

Standard Bazooka Ball

2 inch foam balls made specifically for our Bazooka Ball Barrel. Dimpled for fast travel and longer flight. Safe for indoor or outdoor play. NEW and improved with a phosphorescent skin our Bazooka Ball now glows 50% brighter under blacklights. And it's still the same price! Balls fly from 30 to 100 feet!


Bazooka FIRE Balls

NEW AND IMPROVED Bazooka Ball FIRE BALLS with a built-in LED light that activates when fired. Like our original Bazooka Ball it's safe for indoor or out door play and is coated with a phosphorescent skin. Even without the LED light the ball glows under blacklights!
Balls fly from 30 to 100 feet!


Bazooka SPLAT Balls

NEW Bazooka SPLAT Ball. Fires like our regular Bazooka Ball from our patented Bazooka Barrel but this ball is design to hold water for playing outdoor water tag. Submerge the ball in water, squeeze out the excess, place in barrel and fire! Balls fly from about half the distance of our regular balls depending on the water absorbed.


Bazooka SPLAT Balls


Bazooka Team Vest with Ball PouchBazooka Team Vest with Ball Pouch
Bazooka Ball Outdoor Player Vests:

  • Features detachable ball bag
  • Made with breathable mesh
  • Comes in red or blue
  • Perfect for outdoor play
  • Durable construction with side/front buckles
  • One size fits all









Bazooka Ball Marker

Bazooka Ball paintball marker, with propellant
The Bazooka Ball marker has been especially designed for use with the Bazooka Barrel. Other paintball guns can be fitted for the barrel by adding the especially designed adaptor.


Bazooka Ball Marker

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